Sunday, November 27, 2011


Confused. I'm set. I don't need you. I never asked for any of you. I didn't. 
Sneaking your way in....
those eyes
that body
Say what? Keep it to yourself. WHO asked YOU?
Do you fit in to my plan? No one will take me off my path. My plan is laid in stone. I want what waits for me at the end of this 7 year road. Will you be there with me? That, my friend, I don't know. 
I am immune to your charm. Yes I really am. Just like I am to his and his and his and his too. Flattery might get you everywhere for a minute but that minute leads to nowhere fast. 
My soul is hard. It has to be. I'm too afraid to lose. Too afraid to give in and feel. If I let you in.....I might find I'm broken. Do I need to know, instead of wonder, that I don't know how to feel? 
I so want to feel....I want to melt in your your smile. I want to let go. I can't. I can't. Too many I cant's. Too many reasons. Too many excuses. But they are mine. Mediocrity is not for me. Will you take me there? Will you take my sunshine? Will my path stop short? I want so many things. I need. I need so many things. For me. To be who I want. What I want. What I need. Can I have them with you? I didn't let the others. 
It could be so easy to close my eyes and see you by my side....on my path. 


  1. Forgive me Daphne but it sounds contradictive. At first you sound very stern in your belief, and guarded in your experience. But, at the second half you want an opinion. A confident person shouldnt ask for an approval. Sexy, Charming, that body? Eyes?? I would give my opinion but... NO body listens to me.

  2. Exactly Khent......hence the title......Confusion. I'm not always confident in my personal life as is very apparent throughout these blogs.