Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I say one thing and you hear something completely different. You write one thing and I read between, on top and under the lines. How can I ever know you and you ever know me when we can't ever really see? Grrrr.......Why! S H O U L D  I  S P E L L  I T  O U T ? Really? I can't.....maybe I can, right now on this machine.......face to face? Oh no no. Too risky....you would see into my heart. Here I hide...fingers tapping, safe. Here only my thoughts exist.......no perilous adventures for my tick tick ticker. Every day, mundane, and suddenly I'm gasping. Blinders, damn it. Was it there all along to the left, to the right...just out of sight? I could always see straight. I was on a path. You were alongside me but I never saw. I should have known. You were there. Now I know that feeling I felt......it was it. IT was not on my path...but by my side.

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