Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Really.....It's You, Not Me.

And to think that I actually let that sliver of doubt pierce my logic. I believed it was me. Oh it wasn’t just you…it was him and him too. And don’t forget him. Insane, jealous, possessive, insecure, finger pointing Him’s and He’s…..Did you really think I wouldn’t see through your thinly veiled attempts to wear those masks? Oh yes…..I wavered then became the skeptic. Always shoulder the blame first. Instead of him or he. I should have stopped, held back, obey obey damn it. Ahaaa no, one too many times. It’s not me. I don’t tear down to build me. YOU yes YOU. Find your own spine, mine is too strong and frankly, I hold it too high for you to touch

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