Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Mirror

I have been staring into the mirror just a little longer than usual every morning for a while. I keep experiencing a  momentary feeling of panic. It's there. I push it away. I ignore it. I push it the hell away and close my eyes. I don't remember that face that stares back at me. It didn't look like that before. I swear it didn't. It used to glow with youth, with ignorance, It didn't know any better. I never cared. The mirror was my friend. God...I can't freaking breathe now, I'm gasping.......But wait..what do I see now? Happiness? I can see all the moments I've laughed. Is this the first time I truly see?  Look at my's there...I see it....I really see it. It was hiding, waiting until I was ready. The love, joy, determination, dignity.....there. The mirror is not my enemy. I breathe easy.

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