Saturday, June 19, 2010

Glutton For Punishment

So, I admit that I make some questionable choices. Yes I do. I've admitted it before! At times my brain is a tad slow catching up with my impulses. I have fun.....I sometimes piss people off...hell I even piss myself off. Really though if you think about it, I am different. You will probably never meet another me, ha ha you might not want to.

OK now, stop distracting me! We are talking about choices.....yes...well I find myself in a spot and it's tormenting me. I'm behaving in such an un-Daphne-like manner. It's like I'm lying in a driveway and instructing a car to run me over repeatedly. The sick thing.....I find the loss of control just a little too appealing and just slightly sexy.  Yes yes.....I know right? Me? It's only temporary, I swear it!  I am sure the moment of enlightenment will kick in and I will think I was fucking bonkers to allow that. It's just that I see that small smidgen of humanity there. It is there. I know it. It's hiding behind those damn indentations in the cheeks. Did I mention That if those dimps had a "like" button I would press it repeatedly? Am I just bored? Is this being caused by the hiatus or is the hiatus being caused by this? Am I struck with a moment of true servility or am I actually secretly the snakey sycophant? Twisted your tongue there didn't I?

Oh well.....I know one thing....absence does not make my heart grow fonder.....I say out of sight out of mind. That is how I know this too shall pass. A glutton for now? Sure...just a little longer......

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