Sunday, April 25, 2010

All My Roles Equal Me.

So.....We've established that my name is Daphne. Who am I? When I was married, I lost myself. I somehow lost who I was and morphed to nothingness. Yes I was a wife....became a mom....but I lost myself along the way. It seems likes such a cliche but it happens. I let it happen. I was living in Australia. I had no friends and my family was so far. My husband should have been my family. I was lost. Where did this girl go that liked to be spontaneous. This bold vivacious woman that could run through the sprinklers on a hot day with a smile that could light up the darkness. I used to find the joy in such simple things. I was not finding the joy in anything. I felt like an automated version of myself going through the motions. My inner fire, my zest, my passion were pushed to recesses of my soul waiting for ME to dig deep and bring them up again.

Years later and who am I now? I'm full of that fire. I am passionate about everything. I am NOT afraid to open my big mouth and often put my foot in it. I am not afraid to make mistakes. I know that without them I will never learn. My mistakes are part of who I am. My successes are part of who I am. My follies are part of who I am. My experiences are part of who I am.

What is my title? Mother, daughter, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend, co worker, employee, media rep, chef, personal shopper, personal taxi, banker, bather, nurse, confidante! YES YES YES.............
most of all......I am ME! Finally.

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