Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time

It was once upon a time and that time passed. Fairy tales were alive in her heart, in her very being. Passed. Past. Cinderella she is not, not even Sleeping Beauty. Her long hair won’t conjure a prince. There is no knight. There is no horse. There is only her reality, no longer her dreams. Her heart is heavy with emptiness. Her once upon a time…..passed.


  1. Can I disagree? Every girl, women, madam and maid has a chance for many many once upon a times!! BUT every girl, woman, madam abd maid gets their heart broken, bruised and battered because those aches make the fairy tale endings better stories to tell!

  2. Btw its not shaun its brenna :)

  3. LOL, as if I would think it is Shaun! I'm just sad. I think perception is always better than reality. I would rather live live life in my naive little bubble of happiness that people seem to keep popping.