Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dating Down & Dating Up

How is a fucking car door such a big deal? Since when have first date manners tanked? When did it become OK to stop courting? Is this the beast that "feminism" has created? I know, women wanted to work, we wanted equal rights, we want equal pay for equal work but does this mean that the traditional male/female lines have blurred?

I don't want to open my own doors and no I don't want to "go dutch". I want YOU to walk on the outside and be a MAN. Yes You! Plan the date, woo me, inspire me, make me see stars! Make me feel shy, make me want to hold your hand. I want to feel butterflies in my stomach.

Can I open my own door? Yes. But why? You are the man. Come out caveman! Take charge. I am tiger hear me roar. Ha ha. OK a little overboard yes.

Singlehood is fabulous, dating is exciting but where is he? Can we find that mix of all we want or must we settle for that mix of what we almost want?

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